Friday, March 9, 2012

An American Writing in England

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Suz Korb, author of Eve Eden vs. The Zombie Horde: Book #1 in the Bedeviled Trilogy.

Q: For starters, how does a girl born in Hawaii and raised in Utah end up in England?

A: I met a British guy in America back in '99 and followed him across the channel. That relationship lasted two years. Now I'm on my own with my two daughters and I have a hate/love relationship with England as the country I'm stuck in (for now) but also as the country I always wanted to live in. The midlands rock my world with their natural beauty.

Q: What are the biggest differences about living in England (good & bad) compared to the States?

A: Pretty much EVERYTHING is different about the USA and the UK. Even the language. You know what they say, two countries separated by a common language.

Q: How has living abroad inspired your writing (and changed your habits)?

A: Living in England has opened up a world of words for me. My vocabulary has expanded immensely, which is perfect for fiction writing. Win.

Q: Any notable difference between British readers/writers and American?

A: To say there are SOME differences in writing for an American audience and a UK readership is putting it lightly. I write novels that are for an American readership and it's a struggle to keep the American lingo going when all I hear are British accents all around me 24/7. Basically, I watch a ton of American TV shows and movies to keep up on the American dialect that is becoming foreign to me! And of course it helps to correspond with friends and great authors such as yourself, Nikki!
Every girl needs a getaway vehicle when fleeing zombies.
 Q: What’s scarier? British zombies or American zombies?

A: Definitely British zombies. Especially if we're talking movies. The film 28 Days springs to mind. That movie has fast zombies in it, and everyone knows how much scarier fast zombies are than slow decrepit zombies. Am I right? Course I am ;)

Q: Describe your target audience. (What books do they read? Movies do they watch?)

A: I write paranormal young adult romance novels for teens and women readers. Although, guys can read my books too, if they enjoy supernatural adventure and much kick-assery. And who doesn't enjoy that?! 


  1. Aww Suz you are at least in a pretty place even if you are 'stuck' here lol. You have the hills to go sledging with the kids in the Winter! :D

    Love the pic!

    Keep writing awesome books! We love you xoxo

  2. Cheers, Karen. You're a star. And I have you and I meeting up to look forward to as well! Hope all is good with you and yours :)