Thursday, March 29, 2012

My (Non)Review Policy

Here’s irony for you: I am a writer and clam up when it comes to review write ups. The thought and articulation that reviewers put into their summaries knocks my socks off. I don’t generally review books unless I love them so much I feel I owe it to the author and potential readers to get another 5-star vote up with a couple of brief lines saying I loved it.

I try not to read books I won’t like. I’ve got agent mentality when reading samples on my Kindle. A book has about 10 pages to draw me in or I’m moving on.

And if I happen to finish a book I didn’t particularly enjoy I usually don’t review it. It’s not that I’m being nice; it’s that I have a complex and close relationship with karma. That is to say, for every one unfavorable review I write I’ll receive five back in return.

I appreciate readers who do review books. Long before I had my own book on the market I gave thanks for all the people out there who took the time to share their two cents. I like to do a review sampling while shopping online and I like to read at least one review from each star rating while browsing.


  1. I like it! You should read only what you want :P

  2. I like a book to grab me on the first page, but will give it an entire chapter to draw me in. If it's a book everyone has been raving about, I might give it 2-3 chapters but that's it. Great to have a policy and stick to it, even if it's a non-policy!