Monday, March 19, 2012

When Do You Find Time to Read?

We’re nearly a quarter into the year. That means if you made a goal to read 50 books in 2012, you should be at 12 or 13. If your goal is 100 books, you want to have read around 25. If you’re one of those super star readers with an impressive 200 book goal, you need to be about 50 books in at this point.

So, how to squeeze more reading time into an already packed day? Five seasoned book bloggers share their tips:

Listen to Audio-books! While you are driving, cleaning, shopping, exercising... it's a great way to "read" while doing other things.  

Always have a book with you. Anytime you have a few extra minutes read a few pages. 

Instead of watching TV... READ!” – Kathy, I Am A Reader, Not A Writer!

“Well, if you're an avid reader, you probably do this anyway -- but always, always take a book with you. No matter where you're going or what you're doing, even if you're positive you won't have time to read -- take a book. Inevitably, you will find yourself broken down on the side of the road or waiting for your parents to finish grocery shopping or waiting for a professor who's running late to class. Even 5 minutes here and there is better than no reading at all in a busy schedule.” 
Casey, The Bookish Type

“I would say that even if you can't physically read a book, listening to them is a great way to keep your imagination going. I try to find time to read whenever I have a break as I currently work two jobs, so I spend a lot of my time doing that, but I make sure I always have a book on me either on my kindle or print, which helps when I have some time in transition from job to job. So, for the best tip: have what you want to read accessible, so when you have some down time read it or if you are able to instead of listening to music..listen to a book.” 

“I work full time and am pretty busy with family and home obligations when not at work so squeezing extra reading into my day is essential. I do this in two ways. 1. I listen to audiobooks while driving, and 2. On days that I can get out of the office for lunch, I drive down the road to the park and read in my car while eating lunch.” 

“In all honesty, I don't currently have a job. So my days are pretty much open to reading for as long as I like. I drop my son at school in a morning and as soon as I get home, I put my nose in a book until it's time to pick him up. Most days, anyway.

There are obviously days when I need to do household chores. Hoovering, washing up, the dull stuff!! *boo* 

So, on these days, my reading time is obviously lessened. But I have arthritis so it isn't like I can do all the housework in one go. So, what I do is: Wash-up> Read... Hoover> Read... Polish> Read... You get the pattern!

On the days where I must go out and about, I take either my Kindle or a book and read them wherever I am. For instance, on the bus. If I have a long journey (as I am reliant upon public transport) I will read a few pages. 

If I am at the doctors, it helps pass the time if I have a book with me. If I am at the job centre, waiting for an appointment time is passed quicker if I read a few pages.

So that's me. I read as much as I possibly can. Yes, life interrupts. My son obviously comes first. But my books come a very close second!” 
Keren Kiesslinger, Gothic Angel Book Reviews

Thank you to contributing bloggers: Kathy, Casey, LaToya, Melissa, and Keren for answering this week’s reading question. Check out these ladies blogs for book reviews, interviews, giveaways and more.


  1. Looooove these tips. I agree with Kathy, audiobooks are great especially when you can't exactly hold a book or have your eyes on them. :D

    For me, I usually wake up a little early so I can read in bed or read in bed before I sleep.

    But most of the time, I always bring a book with me anywhere I go, so when I'm waiting for something, I'm reading. When I get a moment of idleness, I'm reading. When I'm in the bathroom sitting there (lol), I'm reading. If I'm eating a meal alone, I'm reading. :D Its all pretty generic and we all do these already. :D

    Thanks for the lovely post Nikki! <3

  2. I don't know how book reviewers do it. I have three books to read this week (which is not normal!) and feel utterly overwhelmed!

  3. Post looks good, great advice!