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Profile (see sample questions below) or a How To. For example: How to Write a Rockin' Review.

(1) What country (or state) do you blog from?

(2) On average, how many books do you read (pick one) a week, month, year?

(3) What is your ratio of books personally chosen to review vs. solicited by publishers and authors? (For example: 1 out of 4 personally chosen by me OR percentage: 25% of books I read, I choose.)

(4) Ratio of agented authors vs. indies?

(5) Ratio of physical book vs. eBooks?

(6) Where do you enjoy reading most? (Couch, coffee shop, park, beach etc.)

(7) Tell us about yourself or your review group in three sentences or less.

(8) What would you like to see authors doing more of in their novels?

(9) What turns you off a book most?

(10) What would you do if a friend asked you to review their book and you didn’t like it?

(11) List a few of your favorite books in the past year.

(12) What do you love most about reading?


For now, please email Nikki and we’ll work out an interview or feature. I'd love to see more Do's and Don'ts and How To's. 


Welcomed! Guest posts appreciated.